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Our Process


Before even making a marketing video, we try to know exactly who is your audience that the video will address to, what is your target with the video, and what platform you’ll be using to showcase it on the Internet. we are a professional explainer video company, we usually prefer a meetting with you before starting the video production process and also make sure you fill out a creative brief to outline your business idea, your marketing goals and target audience. This process is essential in order to make a professional explainer video from scratch!



The script is the message you want to give to your audience. There are lots of writing tricks and structures to follow but to sum it up, a good animated video script should be simple, short and have a clear-cut story so to keep the audience's attention (the wise use of metaphors is a good idea too).

Story Board

The storyboard describes the actions (what happens) and the visual aspects of the video. To put it simply, it’s like a comic strip of your video. The storyboard also indicates camera shots and transitions, so it’s a vital step to know what everything will look like at the end.


Sound and Voiceover

Almost every animated marketing video uses a voice to narrate the script over the video. It’s vital to hire a professional voice actor that’s also a native speaker (of the country of the target audience) to do so. If not, people won’t feel comfortable or emotionally close to the voice on the video.


Once the illustrations are all done, and with the guide of storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators are set to put the animated video in motion. In this stage, professional animation is vital in order to make characters look lively and human.



In the final stage, sound experts adjust the audio part of the video. It’s time to edit and mix the voice-over recording, the background music and the sound FX together. Many times, the sounds and music are as important as the video itself.